Into Glory Ride ja Hail to England: Imperial Edition

Manowar on julkaissut Into Glory Riden ja Hail to Englandin uudelleentuoteut versiot. Tällä hetkellä levyt ovat saatavilla iTunesissa ja Manowarin keikoilla ja ne tulevat toukokuussa saatavilla Google Playhin, Amazoniin ja kivijalkakauppoihin.

Manowarriors, behold! Two of the greatest classics in Heavy Metal history return to you, bigger and better than ever before!

On July 1, 1983, MANOWAR released their second album: “Into Glory Ride”, an imperious statement of metallic intent and one of the most brutal, raw and punishing records ever released. From the opening assault of “Warlord” and the monumental “Gates Of Valhalla” to the devastating drama and doom-laden fury of “Hatred”, and culminating in the morbid grandeur of “Revelation (Death’s Angel)” and the life-affirming splendour of the closing epic “March For Revenge”… all instantly recognisable as the works of four true metal maniacs.

Forced into a somewhat rushed and compromised production – which did not prevent “Into Glory Ride” from winning a prime place in metal history – “Hail To England” followed a little over six months later. Another record packed with tracks that would soon become fan favorites; from “Bridge Of Death” or the jaw-shattering “Kill With Power” to the stirring melodies of “Hail To England” itself, and others alike.

Now these two immortal landmarks have been revived and revitalised for a completely new and improved experience!

For the “Into Glory Ride Imperial Edition MMXIX” and the “Hail To England Imperial Edition MMXIX” the original multitrack master recordings of these undisputed metal classics were transferred from analog to digital in 96kHz quality, adding the depth, the power and the clarity that could not be present in the original mixes and masters.

Remixed in MANOWAR’s very own Valhalla Studios by long-time collaborator Ronald Prent utilizing their mind-boggling 27,000 Watts PMC monitors and remastered by 4-time GRAMMY Award winner Darcy Proper these Imperial Editions are a statement of what MANOWAR are committed to deliver for their loyal followers: the royal standard of sonic bliss!