Livelevy The Lord of Steel -kiertueelta 2012/2013

Joey DeMaion kommentit Facebookista Manowarin The Lord of Steel -kiertueen keikkojen jälkeen perjantaina 12. huhtikuuta:

Hail brother and sisters, this is Joey writing and at this very moment we are all in the studio, listening back to each and every show from The Lord Of Steel Tour 2012/2013.

The energy we got from the audience during the tour was just killer! This power coming from you guys really translated into great performances from the band. We’re thrilled that this is all immortalized in these recordings!

So we just wanted to take a break here and thank the true army of immortals who came in masses to face The Lord Of Steel live! Thank you!

More news about The Lord Of Steel live album will come soon. Many thanks to all of you, the loudest and greatest fans in the world.

Hail And Kill
Eric, Donnie, Karl and Joey

The Lord of Steel -livelevy 2012/2013