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The Circle – Manowar-edustajat

The Circle on Manowarin yli 20 maasta keräämä ryhmä todellisen metallin puolustajia, jotka toimivat linkkeinä bändin, levy-yhtiön ja omien maidensa fanien välillä järjestäen tapahtumia, tiedottaen uutisista ja levittäen sanomaa. He ovat Manowarin virallisia edustajia omissa maissaan. Manowar Finlandin ylläpitäjä Pietari Heino toimi The Circlen eli kaikkien edustajien johtajana 2012-2013. Nykyään johtajana on romanialainen Ruxia Sandru.

Pietariin saa yhteyden osoitteessa pietari.heino at manowarfinland piste com.

The Circle Manowarin sanoin:

MANOWAR Introduces The Circle

As a service to their vast international fan community, MANOWAR have formed The Circle, a group of volunteers who are dedicated to support the band in reaching existing and new fans through all means of communication, all over the world and in their native languages.

Representatives for each country will be updated constantly about MANOWAR-related news to share with their fellow Manowarriors, but will also support the band’s mission through their own ideas and initiatives and help carry the spirit of true metal across the world.

With their work, The Circle Representatives help fans in their respective territory to be up-to-date with the latest news from their favorite band.

Among other functions, The Circle will support MANOWAR by keeping the worldwide Manowarriors apprised with localized first hand information about MANOWAR’s new studio album, The Lord Of Steel, and upcoming tour dates.

The Circle is currently operating with a limited number of representatives, but will grow constantly.

Its members have been chosen among the vast group of loyal MANOWAR fans, who are known to be the greatest fans in the world, and include a wide mixture of fans who have been supporting the band in several ways, sometimes through forums, social networks, their own websites, their local communities, or sometimes a combination of these tools!

Fans who want to support MANOWAR with additional information or have suggestions that they think should be shared with the fans in their country, are invited to contact MANOWAR under circle[at]

The Circle is represented by:

Belarus – Ivan Botvich
Brazil – Fabio Eduardo Souza
Bulgaria – Georgi Vrubchev
Denmark – Jens Stausgaard
England – Matthew Verrell
Finland – Pietari Heino
France – Roxane Didierlaurent
Germany  – Lino Mazzei
Greece – Jim Immortal
Hungary – Balázs-Csiki Tamás
Italy – Jael Pendragon
Japan – Yuki Fujita – Orimuh
Netherlands – Pierre Vissers
Northern Ireland – Sam McGookin
Portugal – Pedro Serra
Romania – Ruxia Sandru
Scotland – Ian Garnett
Spain – Lorena Yusta
Sweden – Pascal Husak
Turkey – Yigit Elvis Ilgü
USA – Troy King

Check out the Metal Hammer Steel Edition. In addition to a great special on MANOWAR and the unique MANOWAR art by Ken Kelly, you will find a special on YOU, our worldwide Manowarriors, and The Circle! (And take a close look… you may find yourself in one of the photos!)

A big salute to those who help us to bring the worldwide Manowarriors even closer together and spread the spirit of true heavy metal and an equally big salute to all brothers and sisters who support MANOWAR!

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